Indian Curry Recipe

Perfect Basmati Rice recipe

You may think you know how to cook rice - however, follow this recipe and you'll have delicious rice every time, perfect for serving with a variety of spicy Indian dishes or for turning into a rice salad.


  • 275g basmati rice
  • 275ml water
  • Salt
  • Butter

Method of Preparation:

  1. Cover the rice with cold water for half an hour.

  2. Rinse the rice in a sieve, again with cold water. This removes excess starch.

  3. Put into a saucepan with a good pinch of salt and add the water. Bring to the boil and once boiling, reduce the temperature to medium or low and simmer gently for 20 minutes.

  4. Taste the rice and if still slightly hard, add a tbsp. of cold water and simmer for another few minutes until tender.

  5. Stir a knob of butter into the rice until melted and coating every strand of rice. Serve hot.

Freshly chopped coriander is a good addition to any rice dish, but you could leave this rice plain to match any curry. This recipe serves four.

Author: Laura Young

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Published: November 29, 2011
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