Indian Curry Recipe

Indian Curry Recipe

Getting a curry from the local takeaway is most people's idea of a real treat — but you can recreate that same takeaway flavour at home in the comfort of your own kitchen. The real bonus is that you know exactly what has gone into your food and you can tailor the spices and flavours completely to your own tastes — plus, you can make things low fat or low calorie according to your own requirements. There is a range of recipes below for all sorts of Indian curry, from vindaloo right through to korma, so take a look and get creating your very own Indian masterpieces.

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About Curries:

The word 'curry' is an Anglicised version of the Tamil word 'kari', thought to mean 'sauce'. The word is usually understood to mean vegetables or meat cooked in spices with or without a gravy. Indian curries vary depending on the region and the curries will be cooked in a different way depending on exactly which village or region the recipe comes from.

Curries are usually served with rice and flatbread and something to cool the curry down if it is particularly hot, such as a yoghurt and mint raita or a carrot and cumin salad. In some parts of the Indian sub-continent, people eat with their hands rather than with a knife and fork, which is traditionally why flatbreads such as chapattis and naan breads were served with the curry as a means of picking up the food.

Take a look above for a great range of Indian curry recipes, including chicken biryani, mutton kheema and a simple prawn pilau. Although the recipes call for a certain meat or vegetable, you can easily use any other meat or veg that you fancy — just be sure to keep the quantities the same. uses measurements and ingredients for the United Kingdom. If you are located elsewhere in the world, you may find makes more sense to you!

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